At AudLink we understand that you trust our solution for providing security, compliance and systems management functionality when it's required. That's why AudLink Customer Support is a sound part of your technology decision. With Audlink Customer Support, you can rely on our support experts to deliver high quality, dependable service to help you meet your needs. Our experts go beyond product support and often assist customers with data analysis and investigations. It's no wonder that the majority of AudLink customers rate AudLink Customer Support "excellent" in periodic surveys.

Our Standard and Premium support offerings are streamlined to make it easier for you to choose the appropriate support offerings for your business needs. All options include product maintenance, providing access to the most current releases and versions of your product including any fixes, patches or workarounds for our products.

AudLink also offers additional support levels including a managed services offering and onsite technical account managers who will review your implementation quarterly.

AudLink Customer Support is a quality-driven organization that is committed to continuous improvement. Our goal is to help you avoid and resolve problems or questions quickly, promoting the highest level security, compliance and systems management for your business.

For any product issue, product question or questions about your maintenance status, contact AudLink Customer Support 24 hours a day @

AudLink Technical Support

AudLink is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We consider our customers' success in achieving cost-effective compliance and investigations the measure of our own success. Although AudLink represents one of the lowest TCO solutions in the market in terms of system administrative overhead, from time to time, customers may require assistance in configuring and customizing their AudLink solution to maximize its intrinsic compliance and investigative value. As a result, AudLink offers responsive and insightful technical support from our team of security and analytic engineers. AudLink Technical Support team members are within easy reach by both phone and email and are always available to answer questions and provide assistance.

Online Support

24x7 access to the AudLink Support website allows users to quickly obtain a variety of technical information whenever they need it. Online information includes the AudLink support knowledgebase, white papers, release notes, and product documentation.

Telephone & Email Support

AudLink offers unlimited incident support via telephone and email. Customers have immediate access to technical staff with expert knowledge of log management and security analytics processes. Additionally, all incidents are tracked from start to finish and prioritized appropriately , you can contact us @ info@audlink.

Upgrade Policy

During the support term, AudLink provides customers with both major and minor release support. Major release is defined as major new releases, modifications and/or enhancements. Minor release is defined as code corrections, patches, updates and/or minor version releases of the product.

Service Level Objectives

AudLink maintains strict service level objectives for each of our defined priority levels, plus an escalation and policy for handling urgent support requests.

Priority 1: Major Service Disruption

An error that renders the software inoperative or causes catastrophic failure in a production environment, including any error which prevents or severely restricts existing data loading or production data querying processes and results in a significant number of licensee users being unable to access or use the software. For Premium Support customers, the response time for Priority 1 incidents is 2 hours. For Standard Support customers, the response time is 12 hours.

Priority 2: Significant Service Disruption

An error that significantly degrades performance of the software or materially restricts licensee's use of the functionality of the software in a production environment. For Premium Support customers, the response time for Priority 2 incidents is 6 hours. For Standard Support customers, the response time is 1 day.

Priority 3: Moderate Service Disruption

An error that causes only a minor impact on Licensee's use of the software (or an error which would be a Priority 1 error or Priority 2 error if the system experiencing the error were in a production environment).

Standard Support

  • Telephone support
  • Support hours: Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST
  • Email and Web submission of problem reports
  • Five authorized customer contacts
  • Unlimited incidents
  • Prioritization of problems based on problem severity
  • Web access to the online support knowledge base
  • Major Upgrade
  • Maintenance (minor and patch) releases
  • Emergency after-hours pager support (24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Priority 1 issues only)
  • Five additional authorized customer contacts.