AudLink Professional Services

AudLink is committed to maximizing our customers' value with our solution and its technology. We provide our Professional Services implementation consulting and customer education services in a manner consistent with that corporate commitment. Our services are designed to assist customers apply enterprise security analytics in a manner that best meets their specific compliance and investigative initiatives. Furthermore, AudLink Professional Services can customize a "rapid deployment" program to accommodate specific audit schedules, business projects or other time-sensitive drivers. Our QuickStart Professional Services packages are designed with these particular needs in mind methodology and focus on tailoring projects to meet customer business and compliance requirements. These skilled professionals guide each deployment project through the planning, analysis and implementation phases. Their objective is to work closely with the customer throughout the installation and initial operation phases. During this time, the explicit objective is to transfer knowledge from the Professional Services team to the customer, to further empower the customer team, and help ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction.

AudLink makes it possible to obtain a full complement of customized training courses on site at a customer's location, as well as via webcasts. Additionally, each training course is accompanied by training materials which are included as part of the training course package. The training documentation is designed to provide a continued source of information and reference.

With AudLink's premier consulting and training services, customers quickly are able to maximize the return on their Audlink investment. For more information on Audlink Professional Services, please contact